Avdimou, Limassol

Avdimou Overview

Avdimou is a small village that is on the south coast part of Cyprus. Avdimou lies in the territory of Akrotiri and Dhekelia that falls under the ownership of the British government.  It is well located about 12 kilometers from the west of the village of Episkopi and also borders the Paphos village to the east. This village has been heavily inhabited by a population mainly consisting of Turkish Cypriots. This was mainly because it was invaded by the Turkish people. The Cypriots ended up being pushed further upwards towards the north. This village of Limassol is found in the district of Limassol. According to the most recent studies and researches the village has been found out to be the home of about 624 people. This is quite a very small population. In fact this village has been ranked among the sparsely populated villages in the district of Limassol.

Avdimou History

The village of Avdimou is very historic on its own right. The village has a name that can be interpreted in about two ways. The first interpretation says that the prince of Pheonicia called Prince Abdemon took refuge in this village. This is immediately after he was dethroned in the 411 BC. This is when the village was named after the prince.  The other interpretation is the most relevant and realistic one. It says that the village adopted its name from the first settler who was called Evdemos. Evdemos was the first person to settle in this village way back in the BC period. The history of this place states that the village was among the first 12 districts in the country of Cyprus. It was a very significant center during the domination of Venice. Since that period it became a one of the three most central centers in the district of Limassol and also through the many years of the British and Turkish domination.

Avdimou Village

This village has a well and able culture. The main source of income for the residents of the Avdimou village is agriculture. This village is able to receive an annual rainfall amount of about 450 millimeters. These residents are quite popular due to their growth of the local vine, carob plantations and also the olive plant. These are not the only things grown in the village of Avdimou. There are also some residents who specialize in the growing of cereals, vegetables, legumes, carob-tress and citrus tress among many other plants. There has also emerged a very different type of farming in the way of stock breading.  This way of farming is slowly gaining popularity in the village. Due to recent technological developments most of the residents are turning to white collar jobs that are normally found in the district of Limassol.

Avdimou Climate

This village of Avdimou has a very humid climate in the summer. This is mainly because the village is quite close to the sea. It also happens to have a very mild climate during the season of winter. The village has received a very big boost regarding its means of transportation by the recent construction of a highway. This highway is able to connect the village of Avdimou to the main city in the district of Limassol. This highway is also able to connect the village to Paphos village and beyond.

Holidays in Avdimou

This village is definitely worth a visit as it is the home of very fantastic tavernas. The most popular one is the Famagusta Taverna that is very luxurious. The tavernas are not the only things in the village of Avdimou since there are some very good sights. Some of the sites are the coastline that is very good if you like adventure.