Episkopi, Limassol

Episkopi Overview

This is basically a small village that lies partly in the district of Limassol, Cyprus. This country has been said to be partly in the overseas territory of Akrotiri and Dhekelia. This territory is owned by the British country. This village of Episkopi is approximately 13 kilometers to the main city of Limassol and another 40 kilometers to the east of the Paphos district. The village of Episkopi has a total population of 3,076 people. Compared to the other villages in the district of Limassol this is quite a very big population. It is ranked among the most populated places in the Limassol district. Most of these people residing in the Episkopi village are Cypriots who remained deeply involved in the tradition of this place. This village boasts of a very rich culture that has managed to withstand the test of time. The culture of the people of Episkopi has not only managed to stand despite the changes in time but also has managed to overcome the tide that technology and development comes with.

Episkopi History

The name Episkopi is derived from the Greek language to mean, “The home of the bishop.” This just shows you how the village is rich in history and tradition. The village happens to have some very religious natural sites. These sites have been adopted by the residents of Episkopi and incorporated into their tradition. For example the entrance to the village has a very steep rock that dominates the village entirely and the valley underneath. This rock is deeply associated with the culture and tradition of the people of Episkopi village. A few meters from the rock you will come across the Saint IIarion church. This church was named after a patron saint of the village that was known as Agios IIarion. This church is quite historical since it dates back to the 1192 – 1489 AD through the Frankish period.

 The village of Episkopi

This village has a very good weather pattern and is quite able to support the farming of grapes. It has rainfall ranging around 460mm. This is the main reason that the region has been able to support the growth of grapes. In fact this village has been among the largest farmers of grapes in the country of Cyprus. These grapes are the most used varieties in the production of wine. This village of Episkopi is not only good at growing of grapes but also has a very modern and developed livestock unit. It is actually considered to be the most developed village in the district of Limassol ranking at number four.

Holidays in Episkopi

This village of Episkopi is firmly built on the hill of the very ancient Kourion close to the bank on the west of the river called Kouris. This village has been described as a perfect place for the people who want to enjoy a real Mediterranean holiday without the feeling of being cheated or even overcharged. This place however small it is has been able to attract a relatively big number of both local and international tourists. This is basically because the village boasts of being the home to very natural beaches and very exciting beaches. The part of this village that has been the main tourist attraction is the coastline. This coastline has been declared as a national park by the government of Cyprus. This basically means that it is very illegal to go fishing on this coastline. The village is not only home to the coastline but also boasts of a number of prestigious five star hotels. There is also a number of very exciting sport resorts that are sure to catch your eye if you happen to visit the place.