Kornos, Larnaca

Kornos Overview

Kornos is a beautiful town, 25 km from Larnaca city and 26 km west from Nicosia in Cyprus. Kornos is located between three major cities in Cyprus. They are Larnaca, Nicosia and Limassol.  The other good thing about Kornos is the fact that it is reachable by car. It is a 26 minutes drive from either of these cities. In addition, Kornos is also known for its hospitality and natural beauty. The community here is very welcoming. This community is governed by a council of elders. The other beautiful thing about Kornos is its natural attractiveness. It is surrounded by hills with an altitude of about 325 metres above the sea level.

Its climate is also conducive for fruit farming. Locals here mainly grow fruits such as olive, citrus fruits and melons. Other farm produce from this region include potatoes, cabbages, legumes and some cereals as well. The community of Kornos started practicing agriculture since its earlier days and as a result it is known for its good qualities products. Kornos reputation in agriculture has seen it draw the attention of various industries which have already set camp there. For instance there are about six industries that have established their presence in Kornos to process the much available honey in this region.

Property Development in Kornos

As far as development projects are concerned, Kornos is not left behind. There are several projects that have been completed and quite a number that are underway. For example, it is Kornos that supplies some of the neighboring cities with water. There is a water-treating plant that was established in Kornos in the mid 1980s that has successfully been in operation and has ensured that taps in cities like Nicosia never run out of water. This plant draws its water from Dipotamos and Lefkara water dams.

On the other hand, Kornos is well connected when it comes to transportation. It is connected to both the interior villages and to major towns and cities. As indicated before, Kornos is only 26 minutes drive away from any of the three major cities. Kornos population is in steady growth according to a survey done recently. It was reported that it is growing at rate of almost 10% annually.

Another thing that instantly registers Kornos in the minds of many people around the world is its known pottery craft. Kornos is credited for its wonderful pottery skills from around the world. This has seen it scoop major honors and prices in the pottery industry and in many competition.

Due to the fact that Kornos has been existence for years, it is can be easily located in old maps however under the name, Corno.

The Kornos community is also very religious and they are known for their hospitality. This is proved by the presence of the village’s largest church which has been in existence for centuries now. In this church, there are icons but one which was put up in honor of the Saint John, the baptist stands out.

Visitors and Investors

For visitors and investors, Kornos is the best place to be. There are various recreation facilities around Kornos such as parks and picnic areas. This has seen Kornos win the hearts of many when it comes to holiday making and more importantly doing investments. There is a large and available space for different development projects such as properties, stadiums just to name but a few. In addition, the strong presence of a police station, fire station and even the medical facility makes Kornos a safe place to be. Therefore, if you are thinking to make a visit to Kornos, you should not worry yourself at all because you will in a safe place and to top it up, in the safe hands of the Kornos community.