Limassol Overview

Limassol is the second largest and busy city in Cyprus. The port at the city is an important transportation and commercial hub that has attracted numerous traders and businessmen in the last few decades. The metropolitan city is the heart of Cyprus trade, tourism and provision of services. The diversified cultural traditions and customs of the people of Cyprus make them a tourist attraction in their own outright. In addition there are arrays of historical sites including archaeological zones that have been attracting many local and foreign visitors. The city is known to have many tourists especially during summer that access housing at apartments in the city. There are two airports that facilitate the access of the whole world through them, you can rush homeland and come back in hours.

Limassol History

If you are penchant of medieval history, learning from Limassol enthralling experience is the best experience. There is an archaeological Museum that has huge collection artefacts and antiques dating from the Neolithic epoch to the era of Roman invasion. There are many ancient items that you can see to fully understand the latest evolution of early man such as stone axes, potteries and weaponry. There is also an interesting combination of the Roman stuff like jewellery, cutlery and drawings that ignite the period of Roman conquering of Europe. You will also catch a live glance of ancient architecture such as the mediaeval or Byzantine castle that was erected about 1000 AD.

Limassol City

The city has an effective tourism infrastructure that is maintained and developed by numerous companies from the private and public sector. The government is active through the construction of highways, maintenance of the port and security. The public sector plays a core role in the establishment of housing through apartments and condominiums. The real estate firms and property managers are the architects of the fascinating houses that accommodate thousands of tourists annually.

The metropolitan city is a favourite destination site for many visitors due to its strategic location on the sea side, has a rich combination of contemporary and ancient culture that has spell binding features. It is also a major gateway to other cities that are at its peripheral as it is located at the centre. The many hotels and apartments in the city accommodate the numerous visitors as they cross the city heading to other destinations. The Troodos Mountains that have radiating green splotches in the sun are another tourist destination. There are firms that specialize in the transportation of the visitors to their tourist sites and back to the hotels. This makes it convenient for foreign visitors who wish to prolong their stay in the city.

Property Buying in Limasol

Property buying in Limassol is not complicated as in other areas in the EU. There are real estate firms such as the Cypriot real estate that simplify the transactions for the acquisition of houses on leasehold or freehold basis. The city is booming as a retirement and vocational destination for many tourists due to a good climate, strategic location and lower cost of living compared to other countries in Europe as the continent struggles to extricate itself from economic crisis.

Holidays in Limassol

The city of Limassol is an ideal destination not only due to available accommodation and tourism sites. There are other features that will always linger in your memory that are intriguing to visitors. The Limassol wine festivals, the colder villages near the Toodos Mountains give you a break from hot sun, the amazing historical sites and excellent infrastructure. The historical things that are only seen in the movies such as the Altar of Apollo and House of Achilles are caught live in this city. When you are here it is tantamount to mingling with the early man who inhabited Limassol.