Pissouri, Limassol

Pissouri Overview

Pissouri is relatively a very small village in the district of Limassol. This village has the third largest administrative area in the district Limassol. This means that the village has a big population and is the home to almost a third of the people in the district of Limassol. This village however has a settlement that is not evenly distributed. This is because its resources are not also distributed evenly but its steadily developing. Therefore the village has its main settlement located about three kilometers away from the place known as Cape Aspro. This settlement is built on the side of relatively green hill. Strangely this settlement is situated right in the middle of the territory owned by Pissouri. According to the most recent surveys and studies, this village was found out to be the home of about 1100 people who are mainly Cypriots. However there exists some part of the population of the village that consists of foreigners especially British visitors who turn to become permanent residents.

Pissouri Village

At some time this village of Pissouri boasted of the ownership of a fishing jetty. It was commonly known as the Pissouri Jetty. There recently emerged a split and there are two very different communities in the area. These communities are the Pissouri village and the Pissouri Beach. This village however is not popular with some guide books about the country of Cyprus only giving it little description. This is not fair since the village has some of the best beach resorts in Cyprus. This village can be said to be unique and very attractive to visitors and also people on holiday. This means that the country of Cyprus should try to do a lot of work to expose the village since it has the potential to attract tourists. This village is very rich in the tradition of the people of Cyprus. It has managed quite well to preserve its culture even though there have been a significant number of new residents. This village has the potential to become a tourist attraction with very varying degrees of success.

Holidays in Pissouri

The culture of the people of Cyprus has remained the biggest tourist attraction. Recent rapid developments are threatening to spring up another Agia Napa from deep into the vineyards of the village of Pissouri. However this does not seem to happen any time soon as the character of the village and its beach resort is still very much assured. A motor or highway that was recently developed has been of great advantage to this village. This is because it has brought Pissouri closer to the large resorts and cities of Paphos and Limassol. As this is happening the place is pretty well assured of retaining its character and distinctiveness. Pissouri is one of those places that can be said that time has stood still. This village is pretty famous in Cyprus for growing large grapes. This place is quite rich and it well able to support the growing of grapes.

Even though this place is quite small it has managed to be a home of quite a variety of restaurants, bars and also taverns. In fact the number and variety of those facilities is amazing and quite impressive. This village is also home to a number of bank branches meaning that it’s not that far left behind by the most developed cities in Cyprus. The village boasts of one of the most famous theme nights in Cyprus. It’s famously known as “Cyprus night”. This theme night is held in the lovely village square which happens to be free of traffic. A lot of music and dancing takes place here.