Strovolos, Nicosia

Strovolos Overview

Strovolos is a town within the city of Nicosia. Its population ranges from 75,000 to 80,000. Strovolos is the largest municipality in Nicosia and second biggest in the entire Cyprus. The biggest municipality in Cyprus is Limassol.  This town of Strovolos was founded in 1986. However it has beaten all odds to grow very fast compared to other towns in the city of Nicosia. It is now estimated to be covering almost 26 square kilometres. Owing to its rapid expansion, it has been sub-divided into 6 parishes, namely Apostle Barnabas, Martyr Kyprianos, Chryseleousa, Ayia Marina, Stravros and Ayios Demetrios.

Strovolos History

The name Strovolos was derived from a word in Greek, strovilos. This word refers to the whirlwind. Before it became a city, it is argued that Strovolos was a field for the then royal family. This was during the reign of Frankish. He is arguably one of the figures who helped shape and develop Strovolos. Due to that foundation, Strovolos grew to what it is today. As far as the Strovolo’s religious history is concerned, it argued that there are a number of martyrs who in a very big way contributed to the preservation of Christianity in this town. Such martyrs include Archbishop Kyprianos. However he was hanged by the Τurks in July 1821 when they invaded Strovolos and occupied part of the island.

Strovolos is a very beautiful place and its beauty is further enhanced by its hilly landscape. It is also easy to reach Strovolos thanks to its good infrastructure. There are good roads networks which make it easier to navigate through the municipality.

Strovolos Expansion and Social Welfare

When it comes to social welfare, Strovolos offers the best to its visitors and its inhabitants.  There are various parks that have been created for recreation and entertainment purposes. They are not only beautiful but also a very good place to take a rest. These parks have gone a long way in transforming Strovolos. Hundreds of these kinds of parks have been put up in this city of Strovolos something which has completely changed its look. This has also helped in the rapid expansion of Strovolos.

Additionally, when it comes to social welfare, this city is known to have played a very big role in the development of social services. For instance, this city established a club dedicated to the elderly. In this club, experts offer their support and care to the elderly and ensure that their needs are well taken care of. On the other hand, youths are also not left behind. There are youth clubs purposely meant for their recreation as well as serving as education centres for the young ones. On the other hand, the city of Strovolos recently established a centre for counseling its citizens. The counseling is done for free and covers a wide range of issues affecting many people such as addictive substance, family, mental health, marriage and many others. Apart from offering counseling services, the centre is also used to organize a lot of activities. The centre is mainly used to raise funds to help those who are suffering in one way or the other. As far as health is concerned, Strovolos is keen as well to offer its citizens the best. This municipality, recently rolled out the use of medicines used to prevent diseases. This programme has proved to be success story and one which many cities are now trying to copy. This programme is mainly in primary and secondary schools.

In addition, Strovolos is also known for its wonderful municipal theatre. This theatre is used t o host a number of activities such as theatre performances, ballets, concerts and in many cases operas.