Tseri, Nicosia

Tseri Overview

Tseri is a municipality within Nicosia. It got its independence to become a municipality following a referendum a few years ago. Tseri is governed by a mayor. However young Tseri might be, it is rapidly growing with a population of about seven thousand residents. It is also known for its rich history. According to the history of the Tseriots, the inhabitants that is, the name Tseri was derived from the name tzieirin, which means wax. According to the elderly in Tseri, their ancestors used to keep a lot of bees for wax and honey hence the name tzieirin. However there are some people who don’t agree to this and believe that the name Tseri was actually derived from the word Xeri. They believe that this name came about following the long dry spell which used to characterize Tseri. However both of these names have been used in official documents and therefore they are fully recognized.

When it comes to traditions, the inhabitants of Tseri play a very big role. They are known for their embroidery as well as the production of halloumi. In agriculture, they grow olive something which has enabled the production of olive oil in the region. Tseri sits on a land estimated to be 2800 hectares which good for both agriculture and other developments. Several industries have also been established in Tseri. It should also be noted that Tseri is surrounded by several cities such as Nicosia and Strovolos. This has contributed a lot to its extensive growth. On the other hand, the housing sector is one among the many areas that are experiencing rapid developments in Tseri. In addition, Tseri’s natural environment and the general hospitality of its people have contributed to its growth over the years. These makes people feel at ease going to, living and even investing in Tseri.

Urban Planning

As far as the urban planning of Tseri is concerned, it is well planned. Different areas have been put aside for different uses. This includes areas set aside for development, livestock keeping, for setting up industries and also there are areas that are designated for housing. For instance, the area set aside for residential purposes account for almost 23 percent of the entire Tseri. In these residential areas, there are quite a number of recreation facilities and commercial developments that are springing up.


Another contributing factor towards Tseri’s fast growth is its infrastructure network. For example, industries have been able to set base in Tseri owing to its roads that are easy to access which are in most cases connected to the main or national roads. Tseri is also connected to the remote areas as well. This fact has also made it a very strategic point for investors who are now running to have a place in Tseri.

On the other hand, Tseri recently abolished areas that were set aside for pig breeding and transformed it into areas where house for residential use can be built. Initially, there were two such areas. The abolishing of the first one has already taken place and the process of abolishing the second one is underway. There is also a proposal putting up structures in one of these areas for mass keeping of birds and other animals instead of pigs.

Tseri Historic Sites

Additionally, Tseri has seen an increase of the number of people who normally visit its beautiful historic sites. This is mainly because of its attractive archaeological sites which are three in number. Tseri has managed to maintain these sites. In these archaeological sites there are also monuments which are another attraction to the visitors.

In summary, you have every reason to invest in or live in Tseri because you will be safe there and your investments will see massive development.