Obtaining Cyprus Nationality

It applies to all foreign nationals (European and third country nationals)

1. By Naturalisation

(a) 7-year legal stay in Cyprus with 5 years as a minimum number of cumulative stay in Cyprus
(b) Continuous stay in Cyprus during the year preceding the date of the application
(c) Clear criminal record
(d) Intention to stay in the Republic permanently

2. By Marriage to a Cypriot

(a) Completion of 3 year married life, 2 years stay with the Cypriot spouse in the Republic.
(b) Good character (clear criminal record).
(c) Has not entered or remained illegally in Cyprus

3. By exception

A decision taken by the Cyprus Authorities in 2007 and revised in 2011 has set new economic criteria
for obtaining nationalisation by exception which are as follows:
(a) Direct Investment in Cyprus being purchase of immovable properties or businesses/ companies
or shares or other property assets of at least €10 million.


(b) Business Activities in Cyprus of an owner of company/companies who, during the last 3 years
before the year of application has performed business of at least €10 million per year and 1/3 of
the company employees are Cypriot nationals.


(c) Introduction on a significant scale of new technologies, or established of significant Research
Centres in Cyprus


(d) 5 year fixed deposits of at least € 15 million in Cyprus Banks


(e) Direct income/remuneration for services in Cyprus by owner of Company(ies) managed in
Cyprus and payment of at least €500.000 per year for 3 years of income tax or for obtaining
business, services (i.e. legal, auditing, accounting, banking, etc)


(f) Combination of direct investment, business activities and deposits in Cypriot Banks of €15
million as specified above totally to €15 million.
Further to the above criteria, the applicant must
Be at least 30 years old
Be the owner of a permanent house in Cyprus
Have a clear criminal record
Not be included in the list of persons against whom a property detention order exists within the
European Union.