Permanent Residence in Cyprus

It applies to all third country nationals (not to E.U. nationals)

1. The Ministry of Interior or the Republic of Cyprus issued an announcement on 23/8/2012 that Immigration Permits (Permanent Residence) will be issued to foreign nationals under the following terms:

(a) The applicant can prove available secured annual income of at least €30.000, increased by €5.000 for each dependant person, such income originating from salaries, pensions, dividends, deposits, rents etc. generated outside Cyprus. Dependants are the spouse and children under 18 years of age.

(b) The applicant must submit with the application

(c) The applicant must submit confirmation letter by a Cypriot Bank of a deposit of at least €30.000 transferred from abroad which will remain in a deposit account for at least 3 years.

(d) The applicant must submit a certificate of unblemished (clear) criminal record from its country and generally should not present in any way any threat for public order and security in Cyprus. Clean criminal record has to be provided also by children over the age of 16.

(e) The applicants must submit a statement that he or she does not intend to work or be engaged in any firm of business in Cyprus.

(f) After the Permit is granted the applicant must visit Cyprus at least once every two years.

2. Applications must be submitted on Form (M67) personally, by post or through a representative to the Civil Registry and Migration Department or the District Office and shall be processed (according to the Ministry) within 2 months. Interview will not be necessary unless otherwise decided in certain cases.

3. Each relevant document must be numbered with blue ink, from the first to the last page.

4. It is underlined by the Ministry that if the terms of p/ph 1 are observed and there are no reservations regarding the criminal record or public security, the application shall be favourably examined and the Permit will be issued.

5. Applicants from third (not E.U.) countries need a permit to register a property in their name.